How to earn with CobraSwap

CobraSwap is a fairly new decentralized exchange (DEX) The First automated market maker (AMM) with the lowest exchange rate on the market 0,088%

What is CobraSwap?

CobraSwap is a DEX on the BSC using permissionless liquidity pools that are automated and run completely by algorithms. This use of algorithms to run the pools makes Cobra Swap an automated market maker.

What can you do on CobraSwap?

As you might already be guessing based on the explanation above, Cobra Swap allows users to exchange BEP-20 tokens. It also allows them to use their cryptocurrencies to provide liquidity for the exchange pools, and thus earn additional tokens. It’s also possible to stake tokens on CobraSwap and earn more tokens from that method.

  • Provide liquidity to the exchange and earn fees
  • Stake your LP (liquidity provider) tokens to earn COBRA token
  • Stake COBRA to earn more COBRA

Using CobraSwap

Using CobraSwap isn’t difficult once you understand what’s going on in each areas of the site. When you first visit the website it can be difficult to get a handle on what’s happening, but that’s because many of the features remain locked until you connect a wallet and unlock it.

Adding liquidity

If you’ve experienced using an AMM you know how this works. It’s not really difficult, but we know some people balk just because they aren’t familiar with the process. So, the first step to take when using CobraSwap is to add liquidity to the exchange.It all begins with adding liquidity.

How to Farm

This is where the magic begins and I’m sure this is why so many of you reading this are interested in Cobra Swap. The yields available from farming are simply mind blowing, whether compared to traditional bank interest rates or not.

How to Stake

In order to stake some COBRA tokens (or other tokens) you first need to buy some COBRA tokens along with some BNB and transfer them both to a wallet that’s supported by CobraSwap. The BNB can be transferred to your BEP-20 BSC address for paying your transaction fees.

CobraSwap Advantages

There are some obvious advantages to Cobra Swap, and then there are the behind-the-scenes advantages that aren’t as well known, but are no less important for that.

  • Anti Whale function
  • No migrator code
  • Referral Program with 3% from every referral — FOREVER!
  • Lowest exchange fee — 0.088% per swap
  • Profitable liquidity pools
  • Insurance fund (SAFU)
  • Smart regulation of deflation

No KYC Requirement

Every centralized exchange we know about follows the requirements for Know Your Customer and Anti-Money laundering (KYC/AML) which removes users’ privacies by requiring them to provide extensive documentation to prove their identity.

CobraSwap Fees

If you’re familiar with other AMM’s like PancakeSwap and Sushiswap you’ll recognize the system whereby users provide liquidity to pools and receive LP (liquidity provider) tokens in exchange.

Emission Rate (June 2021)

  • 40 COBRA/block
  • 691 200 COBRA/day approximately

Is CobraSwap safe?

CobraSwap is planned to be audited by top 3 companies:

  • TechRate
  • Hacken
  • Certik
Migrator Code is Disabled

COBRA does not have a migrator code in its contract.

In order to build confidence in CobraSwap we discarded this code. It’s not a popular choice among …. but we believe it is the right one for our users.

CobraSwap Supported Wallets

CobraSwap has support for a number of popular wallets, including Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, MathWallet, Binance Chain Wallet and MetaMask.


Your investments will be safe with CobraSwap.



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CobraSwap — automated market maker(AMM) on Binance Smart Chain with the most profitable farm. We have the lowest exchange rate on the market— 0,088%